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EARTHWIN's First Aid Replenishment Services

Our service personnel will call on your office/factory/school to check and replenish the medical items in your first aid kit(s).
The services can be arranged on a monthly, fortnightly or on an on-call basis.
The inspection service will be free of charge and only the items ordered or replenished will be charged at the current market rates with no hidden mark-ups.
The convenience of having our service personnel to check your first aid kits and replenish your medical needs;
The assurance of having a well stocked first aid kit to deal with emergencies at all times;
Eliminates the need to dispatch your personnel to purchase your medical requirements;
Reduced spending on expensive doctors fees;
Encourages health consciousness and self treatment among your employees;
The assurances of being replenished with genuine unadulterated medical items;
Credit facilities for approved customers.
Customer Service personnel busy at work.
Store personnel preparing orders for delivery to clients
Our delivery team - prompt and fast delivery assured
American Heart Association
Center For
Disease Control
& Prevention –
CDC (Avian Flu)

World Health
Organization –
WHO (Avian

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