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EARTHWIN was first established in 1985 to specifically meet the needs of organizations requiring simple first aid equipment and supplies.

Since then the company has grown from strength to strength and have now a full range of patient care equipment including specialized ambulance, pre-hospital care and life support equipment.

In1991, the company began offering first aid and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training programs and today, has achieved the honour of being Malaysia’s No. 1 private sector provider of first aid training and equipment.

The founding directors of EARTHWIN and its team of dedicated experts comprising of doctors and paramedical personnel have many years of experience in emergency care and coupled with its impressive 16 years of impeccable client service track record, EARTHWIN has become the obvious choice for many in their OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, SAFETY and EMERGENCY training and equipment needs.
An outstanding feature of EARTHWIN’s expertise is our unwavering commitment to prepare tailor-made and customized training and equipment for our clients, be they from the hotels, manufacturing or other industries and our uncompromising insistence on quality in everything we do or supply.

Of course, a key factor underlying EARTHWIN’s success is our customers’ ( many have become our customers for life ) support and our fundamental conviction that first aid training for all employees combined with appropriate emergency equipment are essential components of improving SAFETY in the work-place as envisaged by the NEW OSHA Act 1994.

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